Trainer for: Armored Battle Crew (0.2.1 / +8)

You will add many Cheats: Unlimited Tank Health , Unlimited Tank Fuel , Unlimited Ammo , No Reload and many more.
Armored Battle Crew: Plot of the Game

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Armored Battle Crew is a Tank and Crew Management Simulation game, where your skills as a Tank commander is tested. Customize your tank carefully and make strategic battle choices to achieve mission success! The fate of your crew lies in your hands!

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Download Trainer

This trainer adds the following cheats to this game:
  • Unlimited Tank Health
  • Unlimited Tank Fuel
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Crew Health
  • Fast Ability Action Cooldowns
  • Unlimited Command Points
  • Unlimited Mission Timer
  • Game Speed
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Respect of the Copyright

The program you are about to download was not created by Apocanow. However, we have permission to publish, publicize and disseminate the authors of the Trainer Armored Battle Crew Trainer - v0.2.1. Содержимое файла не содержит вирусов, даже если иногда они могут инициировать AV как ложные положительные.

Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Promo Options

NumPad8: Unlimited Mission Timer

Trainer Options

NumPad1: Unlimited Tank HealthNumPad2: Unlimited Tank FuelNumPad3: Unlimited AmmoNumPad4: No ReloadNumPad5: Unlimited Crew HealthNumPad6: Fast Ability Action CooldownsNumPad7: Unlimited Command PointsNumPad8: Unlimited Mission TimerNumPad9: Game Speed


Unlimited Tank Health:Toggle on to keep the overall hull of the tank intact.Unlimited Tank Fuel:Toggle on to keep the fuel of the tank full.Unlimited Ammo:Toggle on and most weapons the ammo will remain full.No Reload:Toggle on and many weapons can fire without reload.Unlimited Crew Health:Toggle on and the trainer will try to keep crew at 100% health.Fast Ability Action Cooldowns:Toggle on and most abilities when used will reset quickly to be used again.Unlimited Command Points:Toggle on and you have unlimited command points.Unlimited Mission Timer:Toggle on and the mission timer remains at 100%.Game Speed:Toggle on to speed up the action in the game.
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