Saying Goodbye to the PlayStation 3

Saying Goodbye to the PlayStation 3

Saying Goodbye to the PlayStation 3

It is a sad day for lovers of the Playstation 3. The life cycle of the system came to an end. Sony has announced that discontinuerà the console in Japan, which means that his death throughout the world is imminent. Given that we are at the end, it is fair to remember how this console was good and important. His success was not comparable to that of his contemporaries, the Xbox 360 and the Wii, there are n terms of the financial success of installations. But there are other numbers. For a start the PlayStation 3 has had a life-cycle that lasted 10 years, while, for example, the Wii, despite having a higher success, he had only 5.

It was also the first console to offer multi-player games and an online store. Even if it was not the highest level of services and stability has given us the idea of what had to be online gaming services that we use today, always. It is also a PlayStation 3 that started the era of PlayStation Plus. The idea was to give something to users in exchange for a registration and a small payment. Later, the competitors Microsoft and Nintendo adopted the same strategies. Creating a trend is always a good thing.

Finally, let's talk about the games. A lot of series made their debut on the PlayStation 3, as for example The Last of Us, LittleBigPlanet, Infamous, and Uncharted. many titles of third parties have debuted as Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles. it is a console that has helped to build the foundations. Sony Has created a bond with the indies thanks to this console.

In short, the PlayStation 3 has not won the most recent competition between the consoles, at least not at the numeric level. But we can't call his production a defeat. Maybe it was the console better, but has introduced many beautiful things.

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Saying Goodbye to the PlayStation 3 - Saying Goodbye to the PlayStation 3 - Saying Goodbye to the PlayStation 3 -

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