Recognizing a fake web site that offers cheats, codes, gems unlockables

Recognizing a fake web site that offers cheats, codes, gems unlockables

Recognizing a fake web site that offers cheats, codes, gems unlockables

Learn to recognize the bogus sites that offer tips, tricks, gems, and coins, and to defend yourself from these scams

Every time comes a new game, and this becomes popular enough, they start to sprout like mushrooms sites that offer free cheats, unlockables, gems, coins, points easy, and so on.
Many of them, we are grieved to say, are bogus. In the best case the tricks don't work and everything is solved in a loss of time, in the worst case you are forced to give your mobile number or your E-Mail and you are again full of junk mail and subscriptions to the subscriptions that you have never requested nor wanted. Not so much free thinking :)

For this reason we give some tips to understand immediately if a site is trusted or can be harmful.

Tip Number 1: Not always there are ways (easy) to cheat!
Although the web is full of sites that offer ways to cheat (download this, do this), often these methods proved useless or harmful. Just to understand: try to go on the internet and look for a cure for a disease which is prevalent in the case. You will find hundreds of sites and articles that will suggest dozens of different remedies. But it is sure that these remedies work? Often lead to an unnecessary expenditure of time and money. Well, when you look for the tricks the speech and the conclusion is the same. Very often the way to cheat no longer exists, or is feasible only by people very experienced, who has spent a lot of time to hack the game.

Tip Number 2: All the sites that require a human verification or the phone number ARE FAKE!
Every time you come to a site that promises you more gems or coins on your account, but to figure out if you are human makes you fill out a survey, or enter the number of the phone, close immediately this site! (and not move into it more if you appear in the search results!) It is a fake site, that will use your data and your mobile phone number to subscribe to subscriptions to your name, and pocket the percentage of the commission. Then if you find a site that gives you these things without need to ask for your data, could also be trusted.

Tip Number 3: keep an Eye out for comments!
On this kind of sites, but also on YouTube videos that promise cheats and frauds, there are many comments of people cheering and thanking us. Take care! Are fake reviews created with fake accounts to push the user to perform the operation. Let us case: often users without avatar, or with profiles that are well-groomed and too perfect, with a limited number of followers, of recent creation and with little activity. Beware of the comments are too positive. Are you looking for in the pile of negative comments, and if even one comment saying you have lost all the data, then it is a risky and maybe not very efficient

Tip Number 4: Try not worth the risk
If you go on YouTube you will find hundreds of videos of every type that promise cheats for various games. Among the comments there are also those of users who have lost all the data on the phone, or at least their progress in the game in which they attempted to cheat. It is hours and hours of game play. Is it really worth trying to cheat and risk losing everything? According to us, no. We have built a site on tricks and shenanigans, but our philosophy is that the cheating should make the game more interesting, not to spoil the game of others will destroy the devices.

Tip Number 5: Leave it to the experts
For over 15 years we apocanow we try tricks and solutions on the network. We can distinguish the fake from the appropriate sites. We challenge anyone to say that he took the cheats from our website or from websites linked to by us and has lost everything. If you need tricks chiedeteceli and we will do the research in your place. At the worst, we do not find anything, and that simply means that the trick does not exist. To ask for cheats or solutions, please send us a E-Mail and we'll.

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Recognizing a fake web site that offers cheats, codes, gems unlockables - Recognizing a fake web site that offers cheats, codes, gems unlockables - Recognizing a fake web site that offers cheats, codes, gems unlockables -

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