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The Church in the Darkness: Plot of the Game

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Is the 1977. Your nephew has joined a religious sect and moved with them to the jungles of south America in order to found Freedom Town. Your task is to infiltrate the community, find out what is really happening and decide whether the case is to rescue your nephew or not.

All information on the cheats contained in this article is valid for The Church in the Darkness from 2/07/2019, for consoles PC / PS4 / XBOX ONE .The list is updated every time the game is published for a new one console.

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Cheats: PSN Trophies

Cheats The Church in the Darkness:
Perform the following tasks to earn the corresponding PSN Trophy:
TitlePSN Trophies: The Church in the Darkness
Our Paradise Here on Earth
Get all the trophies.
Thought I Lost Something
Find and speak with his grandson Alex.
The Spirit of the Revolution
Find and talk to Preacher Isaac in his chapel.
The Revolutionary Spirit
Find and talk to Preacher Rebecca in his chapel.
Paradise for Some
Talk to Billie about the Freedom of the City.
Final Memories
Find Ernest's Photo and return to Billie.
Back to the Jungle
Meet Charles on the firing range.
Find the evidence and the delivery to Charles.
Lost in the Open
Meet KeeAnne from the river.
The clarity of Vision
Find evidence KeeAnne want to.
Waiting for the Collapse
Meet Scooter and listen to his story.
Learn to Swim
Free Scooter from his cage.
I Thought I Knew
Meet Teresa on the playground.
Cry The Beloved
Find children address for Teresa.
In a single playthrough, to visit all the chapels.
Before Falling Into Despair
In a single playthrough, read all of the messages written on the sticks.
Locked Around Your Spine
Find secluded 'box' area.
Looking for an Alienist
Find the medical facility in the woods.
Space for another
Find the tomb empty.
His dedication to the Cause
In a single game, stand on all the stages, crossing all the bridges, and survive for more than an hour.
The end is the Beginning
Get to the end of a story.
I have Always Been Around You
Get to the end of the ten stories.
Walk a Mile
Just finished a game with all the different preacher personality.
Respect for All
Finish a game without anyone dying (during or after).
The Unknown
Finish a game without being spotted at all.
Written in the Wind
Finish a game in fifteen minutes or less.
Live Hard
Finish a game on 'Light' or greater difficulty.
One Shot, One Life
Finish a game on the 'Mole' of difficulty.
Never Liked Them
Finish a game without ever having a gun in your inventory.
I Have Not Yet Begun
Started ten stories.
Three Sides
Get Isaac & Rebecca location marked on the map.
On The Mark
Find all five ways in a single session.
Ever Made
Find ten documents in a single session.
Maybe You Remember Us
Find thirty of documents in a single session.
Enter in the Fold
In a single game, wear all the disguises.
I'm Losing
In a single game, fire all weapons.
Only A Bit Of Air
Do three of each takedown.
I Feel No Pain
Do twenty any takedown.
To distract the three guards with rocks.
Distract thirty guards with rocks.
I'm Just Looking for My Family
Stick person and the research.
Soon I'll let You Go
Stick and search of ten people.
Up to Sacrifice Everything
Get caught and hear from Isaac.
More and more
Getting caught a dozen times.
The warm Embrace of Sleep
Hide someone in a trunk/closet/shed.
Happy Place
Hide twenty people in a bathing suit.
Create a Criminal
Get the alarm set off about twenty times.
Received a Letter from the Government
In a single game, destroy ten alarm box.
Have You Forgotten Your Name?
In a single game, a free five people from their cages.

Trainers and Cheat Codes

Trainers for The Church in the Darkness are small, downloadable programs that add functionalities to the Game, mainly with the aim of cheating. These functionalities are not available in other ways. Click on the preferred Trainer to download it:
Download Page The Church in the Darkness (1.0.0 / +5)
  • No Player Damage
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Enemy No Reaction to Player
  • Enemy Cannot Shove
  • Unlimited Item Use
  • Game Speed
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